• Details Make the Design-The One Secret Interior Designers Always Use

May 18, 2019

Ever wonder what makes a professionally designed space stand out from the rest?  The cost yes, but most importantly, the details.  Interior designers are known to have access to the best decor, furniture, makers, hardware, etc. that many of us have no idea about.   They also pay attention to every detail in the room.  It makes a huge difference and it elevates the design of the room.  

I walked into a design home several years ago and picked up on every detail. This included their outlet covers and switches.  They weren't just any generic outlet covers.  They were sleek, modern and gorgeous from a brand called Legrand.  

legrand adorne modern outlets and switches

When I went home, I ordered all of their switches and outlets to put in all the rooms on our main level.  I am now upgrading our upstairs rooms with them as well.  For our somewhat cookie-cutter Colonial home, this detail makes a huge difference and makes our home seem a little less generic and much more stylish.

The above pic shows the switches and outlet in our powder room.  Below is a close up.  In this renovated powder room, we couldn't put any generic outlets against our new wallpaper and modern mirror and lighting.  When you pay attention to the details, it shows.

legrand adorne modern outlets and switches

Architectural details such as wood beams, elaborate trim, archways, etc are costly and are often a huge remodeling undertaking.  Switching out your outlets, is inexpensive, easy way to update your home without breaking the bank.

Here are some other pics of the outlets in our latest renovated bathroom.  It's a small space where details make the design.  I can't tell you how many people have asked where the outlets are from and comment on them as much as the maple wood wall or new tile.

After pic of renovated girls bathroom


Here's what the typical outlet covers and switches look like.

When you look at these before pics of the old outlets and switches, the difference is very apparent. 

If you're looking to make some inexpensive upgrades to your home that you can do yourself, replacing your old outlets and switches is a great way to do this.

They have outlets in every material you can think of from brass, wood, leather and steel.  They also have several colors as well.

They have switches in anything from motion sensor, auto on-off, timers to wi-fi ready and integrated nightlights.

Here's the link to the Legrand Adorne site.  Don't be surprised if you end up down a rabbit hole drooling over all their products and upgrading your outlets too.

These are the ones I have in all my bathrooms.  

It's the paddle switch in white with the gloss white-on-white 1 gang wall plate. (image via Legrand.us) 

 legrand adorne paddle switch

I also added the accent nightlight which makes nighttime bathroom trips less scary for the kids. (image via Legrand.us)

legrand adoren nighlight integrated switch

For the outlet I have the GFCI 15A in white with the gloss white-on-white 1 gang wall plate. (image via Legrand.us)  This was the only product I couldn't find on amazon that came as a combo deal.  For this one you order the GFCI and wall plate separately. 

legrand adorne GFCI outlet

The bedrooms all have the USB combo outlet which makes for a much more seamless and less bulky option then the USB plug-ins we had prior. It pairs with the plus-size outlet plate.(image via Legrand.us)

legrand adorne USB outlet

If you have any questions on what outlet or switch to order with what plate, click this link to the Legrand Adorne website which explains everything.  

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