• One Room Challenge - Guest Participant - Fall 2019 Week 2

October 10, 2019

This week it was all about finding the perfect rug.  The right rug can pull the whole room together and  ground the design of the space.  My criteria: durable, natural fiber, lots of texture and hides stains easily. 

First on the list, this rug I found at Restoration Hardware by Ben Solainami.  I loved the soft texture and the heathered, oatmeal texture.  It’s wool so it’s durable and will last a long time.  The downside, it was on the cooler side and am looking for a rug with a lot more warmth and on the yellow/amber colored side. It 


So I tried layering a warm-toned cowhide on top.  It added a lot more interest then 1 rug alone and warmed it up a bit.

Unfortunately it didn't create the warm, natural look I was going for and it was too small for the room.  You can see on the right side of the pic above where the previous rug was as the floor is a different color.  

If this discoloration happens to you, don't worry.  It will fade over time and eventually be the same color as the rest of the floor.

Next rug option, a natural fiber rug made of jute, sisal or seagrass.  They add to the organic and casual vibe I'm going for.  It reminds me of walking barefoot on the grass in summer.

These rugs can be found at almost any store, are inexpensive, eco-friendly and hide stains like no other.  The downside, you can't wash them and if they get considerably wet, will leave a watermark.  It's also inexpensive enough that if the kids and dog destroy it in a few years, it's pretty cheap to replace.

Here is a close up of the rug I chose from Crate & Barrel.

jute rug by Crate & Barrel

 It has the warm-tones I want and it is a natural material which adds to the organic vibe I'm going for.  Bonus, It's reversible so I can flip it over and get a whole new look.  The black underside would be great for winter when I like to add some darker colors to the room.

Crate and Barrel jute rug

photo via Crate & Barrel

And we have a winner.  The jute rug stays and I'm super happy with it.  

The only thing left to do is find the perfect rug pad. I want it to add some super soft padding and be non-slip.  A thick rug pad also adds to the noise absorption in the house.  A must with a noisy dog and kids. 

After lots of research, I chose a 1/2" thick Cloud Comfort Memory Foam rug pad.  It is like walking on a cloud and adds a lot of soft padding under our rug.  I picked the 7'6" x 9'6" size because it is a few inches smaller then my 8' x 10" rug.  I don't like when the rug pad is even with the edge of the rug.  I like the rug to overlap a bit so you can't see the pad underneath.

Next week will be sofa shopping for the perfect sofa.  

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