• One Room Challenge - Guest Participant - Fall 2019 Week 4

October 24, 2019


Week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I've got gallery walls on my mind.

I I think that artwork is like the jewelry to an outfit, the frosting on the cake, the hydroflask to a VSCO girl (tween/teen mom’s you get me) ... well you get the idea. 

I spend just as much time picking out and creating the artwork as I do designing the space and shopping for the furniture.  With limited wall space, only the things I love get hung on these walls.

I like to mix up the artwork and go beyond just the framed photograph or painting.  There are so many options to decorate your walls. If you like it…hang it up.

Here's a pic of the current gallery wall situation.

It's a good start but want to make it larger and include some dimension and unique pieces such as a vintage textile I ordered and a ceramic bell from one of my favorite ceramicists Michele Quan.

I will frame the textile in a modern, black frame from Art to Frames.  They are an online custom frame shop.  They are professional, economical and high quality.  They are less than half the price of what I could buy from other frame shops and have every size and style you can think of.  They are my go-to frame shop.

Here is the vintage textile I framed with the Art to Frames modern, black frame.

I've always wanted a piece of Michele Quan's handmade ceramics.  I ordered this bell which has been on my wish list for years.

image via Shop Sailor

Another favorite art piece is a my Block Shop handmade print.  I've loved their designs since I saw them on the Em Henderson blog

image via Domino of Emily Henderson design

I knew that I wanted one in my home one day.  So I purchased a print and put it in a gorgeous maple frame from Art to Frames.

Those are my 3 must-haves for my gallery wall.  You can use whatever you like.  Fabric wall hangings, wooden necklace, glass beads, vintage camera, etc.  Its your home, put up things that bring you joy.

To help me create the right gallery wall, first I mapped out the size I wanted it with blue painters tape on the wall.  Then I used the same measurement on an open space on my floor.

Then I went to town placing and replacing pieces until I found what looked best.  Much easier to try it out this way than to make unnecessary holes in the wall by doing it on the wall first.

Only two more weeks to go and I can't wait to get this room finished.  

It's almost Halloween so I'm off to make my kids Halloween costumes right now.   Have a great weekend.


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