• One Room Challenge - Guest Participant - Week Two

April 11, 2019

Happy dancing all the way to a continually warm bath.  Well, almost.

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge as guest participant is complete.  As scheduled our heated whirlpool tub has been installed and oooowwwed and aaaguhhhhed over.  Did we hit any hiccups do you ask?....of course.

This amazing tub was just a little too grand for our tiny bathroom.  We had to move our door into the bathroom over 6 inches just to fit it in.  

And yes there was the rewiring of our electrical that had to be done to handle the extra electrical load this tub will be needing; whirlpool jets and tub heater.  Hence additional holes in the hallway adjacent to the bathtub and our basement.  But hey, did I mention this thing will stay warm for my entire bath?

Here's a pic of this beauty and below are the links to the tub and heater.

Whirlpool Bathtub - by American Standard with Hydro Massage System


Whirlpool Heater - By American Standard with Safety Features

This week was a little tough with all the set-backs from additional work we didn't expect.  Thought I would put this together to help you on your next remodel.

My tips to reduce set backs:

  1. Make a checklist of all the items needed to complete the job with estimated time for each to keep you on track 
  2. Ask your contractor for worst-case-scenario or potential problems that you could run into with each task.  I had no idea that a larger tub installed by my plumber would need extra electrical wiring run into the bathroom by the electrician.  Translation: lots of extra time and money.
  3. Always calculate in a 'cushion'.   A little extra time and budget if anything goes wrong.  But who am I kidding, not if, but when.  It's not a bad thing either when it does go wrong.  It's just the nature of remodels especially in older homes.

Next week's project I'll be doing our IKEA hack for the vanity cabinet with a very special company I recently found.  I'm just going to call it "the amazing company that will make our vanity and bathroom wall look magazine worthy and actually saved us money".  

Still hoping to keep this bathroom's theme similar to the last bathroom we're almost done remodeling.  Black and white as always, modern and minimal.  The scandimodern vibe that I love.

Don't forget to check out the One Room Challenge site to get your week's worth of decor and remodel inspo.  Each of the over 300 participants uploaded their progress from week 2.  Better Homes and Gardens and ORC, thanks for allowing us all to inspire each other. 


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