• One Room Challenge - Guest Participant - Week 3

April 18, 2019

Week 3 - Now we're getting to the fun stuff in the renovation.   The bathroom's been completely demoed and now the 'bones' of the project have been completed.

  • rewiring the electrical
  • replacing, rerouting and updating the plumbing
  • removed all the old, non-water resistant drywall
  • replaced the flooring and shored up the floor to take the additional weight of the bathtub and subfloor

We took a break from the more technical stuff and did our IKEA hack for our bathroom vanity this week.  Here's a pic of the vanity we bought. (pic via IKEA)

It's small enough to fit in to the space.  It's a floating vanity so it will give a more open, airy look and make the room appear a little larger.  And it's the perfect base for our IKEA hack.  

We are covering the front of the drawers with maple shiplap from Surfacing Solution.

I saw this one picture from their website and knew that's what I wanted in my bathroom. (pic via Surfacing Solution)

We were originally going to buy a large sheet of maple wood and cut each, individual slat ourselves.  Not until this miracle company came into the picture.  They produce wood shiplap in sheets already cut to the size you need.  I gave them my measurements of what I needed for each drawer front and for the wall behind the vanity and it showed up 2 days later.  The best part, it was actually cheaper then doing it ourselves.  

I am going to do a separate blog post on this stuff because there are so many amazing projects you can do with all the options they have but too much to squeeze into this ORC post.

We literally just applied wood glue to the back of the shiplap sheet, adhered to the drawer front, attached some clamps to hold it in place while it dried and that was it.  Honestly the easiest project we've done. This is what my dad would call "a Mickey Mouse project".

We needed a fun and easy project after the last couple weeks of hiccups and hard work. Next week we'll be doing the cement board, tiling the floor and shower walls.  I can't wait to show you the organic looking subway tile from Mosaic Tile we're using.  Each tile looks handmade and adds a soft touch to the otherwise industrial look of plain subway tile.

Here's another pic with of the mood board for this bathroom with the tiles we're using and other elements that give the vibe of the room.

Don't forget to head to the One Room Challenge site to check out Week 3's progress for all the participants.  I'm already getting a ton of inspiration for my next project.  Thanks again ORC and Better Homes and Gardens.



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