• One Room Challenge - Guest Participant - Week 5

May 02, 2019

I can't believe it's already week 5 and we only have one more week left.  In full panic mode over here realizing all the things that I need to finish.  

This week I finished the walls.  Primed and painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore.  It's a pure white without any undertones.  I wanted the wall paint to be the same as the tile so it looked seamless.

These pictures of the bathroom so far haven't been the greatest.  We haven't installed our lighting yet so we're just using a lantern to work with for now.

I posted the progress on my Instastories today along with some painting tips.  Lots of people DM'ed on my stories asking if I could put those tips in an Instagram post or blog post so I will do that in a couple weeks once the ORC is over.  

My main tips:

  1. Use a drop cloth, plastic, etc. to cover the floors.  It's worth the extra couple minutes putting it down.  You WILL get paint on the floor.  It happens.
  2. Don't skimp on your supplies.  I bought the cheapest roller to prime the bathroom walls.  It kept on getting stuck and making lines down the wall. It also made large drip lines when I first put it on the wall.  It was super frustrating and had to keep going over the same spot reapplying the primer.  When I was in sales we used the line "if you buy for price, you'll end up buying twice".  That meant if you're going to buy something just because it's cheap, it's not going to work as well or break so you'll have to end up buying another, better one.  It's so true.
  3. Do not reuse your roller sponge.  You can never get all the paint out of them.  If you use a damp roller sponge to paint, it creates an enormous amount of small air bubbles in the paint that end up on the walls that you can not get rid of.  They are super cheap and worth using a new one each time.
  4. Always cut in the edges first and then do the rest of the wall.  Tape off the edges with painters tape if you want to have a clean edge and not get paint where you don't want it.  Take the tape off while the paint is still wet.  Wait about 15-30 minutes after you paint and then take the tape off.  If you wait until the paint dries, the tape will rip the edge of the paint off with it.

These are just the basics that I talked about today in Instastories.  The remainder of the tips will come in a couple weeks.  I'll also include links to the products that I think worked best.

Next week it's crunch time.  Here's the list of what needs to get done (including freaking out because the countdown is on).

  • Stain and seal the maple shiplap wall and vanity drawers
  • Install the shiplap wall
  • Install the vanity
  • Install the toilet
  • Install the hardware
  • Install the mirror
  • Install the lighting
  • Style it with some accessories and finishing touches

How funny that when I started this remodel I thought we'd have it done in two weeks.  Auhhhhhh!!!  Makes me laugh every time.

I'll be posting more updates this week on Instastories so don't forget to tune in.

And as always check out the One Room Challenge Blog sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens to see the hundreds of room makeovers so far.  The talent that is coming out of this is insane and the best inspo ever.





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