• That's a Wrap - 10 Best Ways to Wrap a Gift (as featured on Target.com)

December 13, 2017

Hi Everyone.  Thought this would be a great post since the holidays are....auughhhh, right around the corner.  How did this month fly by so fast?  Did I fall and hit my head and hibernate for a few weeks?

Anyhow, hopefully this will give you some ideas and resources to wrap every gift to look just as special as the gift itself.

Above:  This paper from Target's new Hearth and Hand by Magnolia is my favorite.  It's sold out at stores but you can buy it here online.  I used it in lots of different ways.

1. Wrap the entire box and use some fresh greens, a coordinating silk ribbon and a wood tree gift tag.

2. Wrap just the top of the box.  If you have these cute boxes with short lids, wrap just the lid or the box.  Then wrap the other part in brown packing paper or different coordinating wrapping paper.  

3. Just use 1 strip to wrap around box almost like a thick ribbon.  This is great when you only have those small strips left from the remainder of the roll.  This looks best when you have a nicer box like this maple, slide-lid box.  You can get these at Michael's.  If they have a printed image on the lid, just flip over and use non-printed side.

 4.  Similar to the above pics except I used raffia and custom printed tags that I had made here .  

5.  I love this option the best when you're in a hurry.  The beloved gift bag.  I always add a little ornament, like this bell, to the handle to make it look a little more special.  Bonus points if your ornament matches the bag.  - I just happened to get lucky on this one.

6. This one is perfect for a hostess gift.  The wrapping is part of the gift...a tea towel.  Simply tie the ends together or wrap a ribbon around the center.  I topped with some pine combs and some magnolia buds.  

Some great things to put in here would be:

-scented dish soap; Mrs. Meyer's has a great evergreen scented one this season

-scented hand soap

-scented lotion


-box of baked goods

7.  Use a pretty wood box.  You can get these at either Target, Michael's or any other store that sells home accessories.  I filled with natural raffia and added a few natural elements like this pine comb and evergreen sprig.  You can cover with a clear bag or just leave as is.

8. A burlap bag and a glass lidded jar.  This one I use when giving food items to neighbors and friends.  This particular gift was a giant jar a my homemade caesar salad dressing with the recipe written out on the gift tag.

Some great things to put in here would be:

- salad dressing to accompany a salad

- stovetop potpourri with the following combinations:

           cinnamon sticks and sliced ginger

           cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks and cloves

           cinnamon, apple slices, allspice and/or whole star anise

           vanilla extract, several sprigs of fresh rosemary and lemon slices

- hot cocoa cups;

           hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, crushed candy canes and chocolate chips

- dry ingredients for a baked treat; i.e. cookies, brownies, etc.

9. Old world style with newspaper.  This looks great when you're keeping it simple.  Tie it with a beautiful ribbon or twine.  They also look great grouped together like this.

10. Modern take on the gift basket.  Coordinate your wrapping of several different items.  This makes unboxing so special because you have lots of gifts to unwrap and not just one.  This is a great hostess, housewarming or thank you gift.  For this one I did a bottle of wine in a burlap wine bag, a cocktail recipe book wrapped in brown packing paper, DIY wine tags that I made in a clear glass jar and a walnut and marble bottle opener is a small burlap bag.  The smaller items I put in the basket just to keep them together.

While I can't wrap all your presents for you or do all your holiday shopping (even though I wish I could), at least I can give you some ideas to make wrapping fun.

Have of wonderful holiday and hope you're surrounded by lots of love and your favorite people.





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